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Welcome to KL SUPREME KING web site online store. Terms and conditions stated below applies to all visitors and users of KL SUPREME KING. You're bound by these terms and conditions as long as you're on https://klsupremeking.com/.

Change of Terms

The statement about the company's right to change the terms without notice is included, but it might be beneficial to inform users that it's their responsibility to regularly review the terms for any updates.

Copyright and Intellectual Property

Clearly stating that the content on the website is protected by copyright and other intellectual property laws is important.

Consider including information about how users can use the content (e.g., for personal use only) to avoid potential misunderstandings.


The content of terms and conditions may be change, move or delete at any time. Please note that KL SUPREME KING have the rights to change the contents of the terms and conditions without any notice. Any violation of rules and regulations of these terms and conditions, KL SUPREME KING will take immediate actions against the offender(s).

Site Contents & Copyrights

Unless otherwise noted, all materials, including images, illustrations, designs, icons, photographs, video clips, and written and other materials that appear as part of this Site, in other words “Contents of the Site” are copyrights, trademarks, trade dress and/or other intellectual properties owned, controlled or licensed by <<your company name>>.

Comments and Feedbacks

Asserting ownership of comments and feedback is reasonable, but consider specifying how this information will be used. For example, whether it may be displayed on the website or used for marketing purposes.

Product Information

It's good that you mention the potential variation in product appearance due to monitor differences.

Consider adding information about product availability and any disclaimers related to the accuracy of product descriptions.


Clearly stating that the company may send newsletters via email is good. However, consider including an option for users to opt-out or manage their subscription preferences.


Including an indemnification clause is important, but providing more context about the types of claims covered and the obligations of the user in case of a claim would enhance clarity.

Link to other sites

The disclaimer about third-party sites is included. However, it might be beneficial to explicitly state that users should review the terms and privacy policies of any third-party sites they visit.

Inaccuracy Information

Clearly stating that the company reserves the right to correct errors and inaccuracies is good. However, consider providing a timeframe within which users can notify the company of any inaccuracies or issues.


This agreement is effective unless and until either by the customer or <<your-site-url>>. Customer may terminate this agreement at any time. However, <<your-site-url>> may also terminate the agreement with the customer without any prior notice and will be denying the access of the customer who is unable to comply the terms and conditions above.